Maria Goyanes
    Executive Producer
    When 13P imploded, Maria was starting her third season as the Associate Producer of The Public Theater. She was also in the middle of an African Dance and Bikram Yoga obsession. When 13P started, she was in the middle of a triathlon obsession. She still needs to learn to surf, crochet, ice-skate, kickbox and win at ping-pong.
    Barbara Samuels
    General Manager
    When 13P imploded, Barbara was getting her Master's in Lighting Design at NYU. She loved grilled cheese and sitting on rooftops. Hopefully she still wears her sunglasses at night.
    Caleb Hammons
    Marketing Director
    When 13P imploded, Caleb was the Producer at Soho Rep and the co-curator of the Catch Performance Series and the PRELUDE Festival. He loved Dolly Parton and baking. Hopefully he still does.
    Isabella F. Byrd
    Associate General Manager
    When 13P imploded, Isabella was a Lighting Designer living in Brooklyn. She acknowledged her peculiar affinty for broken umbrellas and bikes, and her aversion to following rules or sidewalks. Hopefully she has recovered from the thrill of producing this archival website.
    Rachel Silverman
    Associate Producer
    When 13P imploded, Rachel was working at New York Theatre Workshop and producing the PRELUDE.12 festival. She was also making plays in the back room of Brooklyn’s Branded Saloon and trying to keep on track with her book club. Secretly she wished she were a clown at the Big Apple Circus.
    Gabe Miner
    Marketing Associate
    When 13P imploded, Gabe not only loved theatre marketing, but was juggling theatre, sketch comedy, and bluegrass music. He often describes his 13P years as "the happiest I've ever been." Gabe has been forever changed by 13P, if nothing else by the tattoo everyone got at the final meeting.
    Dakota Gardner
    Marketing Associate
    When 13P imploded, Dakota was really into that Doritos Taco. Is that still a thing? Let's hope that's still a thing.
    Blake Zidell & Associates
    Press Representative

    Past Staff

    • Tori Amoscato
    • Jim Baldassare
    • Josh Boggioni
    • Jody Christopherson
    • Preston Copley
    • Maureen Donohue
    • Yasmine Falk
    • Annah Feinberg
    • Dan Fields
    • Meghan Finn
    • Cynthia Flowers
    • Sandra Garner
    • Megan Goodchild
    • Morgan Gould
    • Sandra Klass
    • Jacqui Kaiser
    • Rachel Karpf
    • Sarah Rose Leonard
    • Shayla Loi
    • Mari Newhard
    • Madeleine Rose Parsigian
    • Deborah Phillips
    • Ariela Rotenberg
    • Mark Sitko
    • George Spelvin
    • Briel Steinberg
    • Callen Stout
    • David Tirosh
    • Karina Mangu-Ward
    • Rachel Weiss

    A People's History of 13p

    • Isabella F. Byrd
      Creative Producer
    • Danny Sharron
    • Dakota Gardner
      Assistant Producer
    • Saela Davis
    • Bryn Austin Bellomy
      Web Programming
    • Rebecca Pollock
      Web Design
    • Andrew Broussard
      Transcription Lead
    • Heather Phelps-Lipton
      Project Photographer
    Film Crew
    • Daniel Shepard
      Film Production Coordinator
    • Saela Davis
    • Stephanie Sherline
    • Kip Sturm
      Sound Editing
    • Hillary Knox
    • Jamal Smith
      Camera Work
    • Christopher Bye
      Camera Work
    • Tanzeel Kanyani
      Camera Work
    • Miguel Munguia
      Camera Work
    Special Thanks
      • Mark Sternberg
      • Ginny Mueller
      • Adam Blodgett
      • Mary C. Hanrahan
      • Stuart Green
      • Ben Kamine
      • Samuel French
      • Christina Lepri
      • Matt Dicken
      • Blake Bishton
      • Claire Gresham
      • Kathleen Burke