Kate E. Ryan (P#5)

    Mark Smith
    • Kate E. Ryan (P#5)
    • Hannah Cabell
    • Andrew Dinwiddie
    • Alissa Ford
    • Kristen Kosmas
    • Melissa Miller
    • Eric Dean Scott
    • Mark Sitko
    • Walkerspace
    • June 2006
    "Crackles with the energy of experimentation. The interplay of music and movement (or silence and movement, or noise and stillness) lends an undeniable beauty to the sorrow."
    — Variety
    A small-town music teacher makes his own instruments and performs secret concerts. An old man reminiscences about his childhood 'inventions' that involved broken machines and hay. An unseen documentarian attempts to tell a story about a famous person who is not very interesting. MARK SMITH is about distractions, awkward exposures, and trying to tell a story that doesn't quite fit the reality.
    When 13P imploded, Kate E. Ryan's plays included DESIGN YOUR KITCHEN, DOT, HIM, MARK SMITH, SCIENCE IS CLOSE (a sequel to DOT), and an adaptation of Sophocles' WOMEN OF TRACHIS. She had recently moved to the Bay Area, and was a BASH! playwright in the 2011 Bay Area Playwrights Festival. Kate was an Artistic Associate with the New York-based company Clubbed Thumb, which produces new plays by living American writers, and was also on the Artistic Advisory Board of the Bushwick Starr. Formerly, she was Co-Curator of the multidisciplinary performance series Little Theater at Tonic (OBIE grant), and Co-Chair of the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab.