Gary Winter (P#4)

    At Said
    • Gary Winter (P#4)
    • Tim Farrell
    • Sue Rees
    • Meghan Healey
    • Andrew Hill
    • Jody Elff
    • Lia Aprile
    • Gilbert Cruz
    • Marisa Echeverria
    • Vedant Gokhale
    • Anita Hollander
    • Danielle Monica Long
    • Performance Space 122
    • May - June 2006
    "The sensation is like watching Harold Pinter, feeling our most trusted words turn into slippery bars of meaning in our hands."
    — The New York Sun
    AT SAID is about the reverberations of genocide. When Sybil decides to type her memories of a childhood lived under a repressive regime, the act itself has a profound effect on Darra, her shut-in daughter, as she resists this intrusion of words.
    When 13P imploded Gary's most recent play, COOLER, had recently been seen at The Chocolate Factory. Some of his other plays included AT SAID, CENTRIFUGAL FORCE, DEAD RECKONING, THE LAKE, GOLEM, AENEAS and CAPTAIN MIKE. He had received support from MacDowell, Yaddo, Goldberg, Puffin, SEG Voices, John Golden, The Lark, Spielberg Foundation and the Dramatists Guild.