Winter Miller (P#2)

    The Penetration Play
    • Winter Miller (P#2)
    • Josh Hecht
    • Robin Vest
    • Paul Whitaker
    • Eric Shim
    • Deann Weir
    • Dan Fields
    • Mia Barron
    • Kathryn Grody
    • Mandy Siegfried
    • Jessica Franz
    • Mint Space
    • November - December, 2004
    "Cracklingly funny. An erotically charged comedy about the flexibility of sexual identity."
    — The New York Times
    Triangles are never easy. Rain wants Ash. Maggie wants Ash to marry Rich. Ash wants to have her cake and eat it. This taut comedy revives a little-known adage: If at first you don't succeed, seduce your best friend's mother.
    When 13P imploded, Winter Miller was anticipating the premiere of her musical, AMANDINE. 13P had produced THE PENETRATION PLAY, for which she was grateful. Her next outing after that production was IN DARFUR at The Public, later revived for a night at the Delacorte in Central Park under the stars and with an audience of 1800, an unusual and memorable event. Her plays include THE ARRIVAL, PATERNITY, CONSPICUOUS, and HOME/AWAY. At the time of implosion, she taught playwriting at Primary Stages ESPA as well as with marginalized youth.