Promoting the Plays

    Putting butts in seats. This is how we communicated who we were and what we were doing.

    The 13P "Brand"

    13P essentially reinvented our artistic aesthetic with every changing of the artistic guard, and the aesthetics of our promotional campiagns followed suit. However, we always anchored ourselves with the 13P logo. Listen to hear more about branding 13P.
    Caleb Hammons, Marketing Director

    Our Marketing Calendar

    All 13 productions were promoted with an individualized campaign aesthetic and strategy. As the project grew older, we began to develop best practices to increase the efficiency of when and how we communicated about a play with the potential audience. Listen to hear more about how so much of it was all in the timing!
    Caleb Hammons, Marketing Director
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    Press Representation

    Since day one, 13P prioritized hiring a Press Rep. We still think it's one of the smartest things we ever did.
    Caleb Hammons, Marketing Director
    Press Releases

    Opening to Review

    Every P had different position on when to open their production to the Press. Maria's talks through a few examples and how we dealt with a vairety of situations.
    Maria Goyanes, Executive Producer

    13P Graphics

    Developing the graphic identity of the production was another aspect lead by the Playwright as Artistic Director. Step through the process of conceiving and designing the graphic collatreral for P#9, P#10, and P#11.
    Caleb Hammons, Marketing Director
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    The essential things that kept us promoting... We also had many different theater companies we traded E-Blast lists with, which undoubtedly helped to keep 13P on the radar.