Producing the Plays

    This section could also be entitled Spending the Money or Organizing the Money. This is the nitty gritty details of how we documented the money we raised and our resources in the effort to see these Playwright's work realized.


    Essentially, the bottom line for all our budgets remained the same over time, only growing slightly when we were awarded the Mellon Grant. In order to project spending of specific productions, we broke down each month and each budget line in order to plan and allow for the finances for each Playwright's production to be as to be focused as needed. This particular draft of the budget reflects our final spending. The other document reflects process driven tracking mid production.
    Barbara Samuels, General Manager

    The Production Calendar

    13P was always focusing its efforts toward 'production mode.' So the Production Calendar mapped out the companies well being for the surrounding months. We knew different elements needed to be on the books so many weeks out: Space first, show dates next... etc. This document held many of the fixed dates we needed in order to meet deadlines to help the production be as smooth a process as possible.
    Maria Goyanes, Executive Producer
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    As the company matured, we developed this document to help us understand and project how money was coming in and going out of the bank for the short term and long term. It was a living document that changed and evolved as we needed to expand and clarify the conversation about how we were thinking about money in a big picture way. Check it out.
    Barbara Samuels, General Manager


    Each 13P production was performed at a space chosen by the playwright and director. It was important to us that we let each Playwright choose the best space to see their project on its feet.
    Maria Goyanes, Executive Producer

    Equity Showcase

    Equity showcase code was exactly the right fit for a company of 13P's size and operating means. Here is why.
    Karina Mangu-Ward, General Manager '06-'09

    Documenting & Reporting

    We learned the hard way that we needed to follow a strict budget and to document our spending in a clear way. This certainly helped organization within the company, but also bolstered our grant proposals. Following more strict personal guidelines in keeping track of budgets, we were better equipped to communicate and prove to foundations they could trust us to spend their grant money wisely.
    Karina Mangu-Ward
    General Manager '06-'09
    Applying for the Mellon Grant...
    The documents below are forms we created to help us communicate to the Mellon Foundation how we were spending our money. After receiving the Mellon Grant, we used these forms to annually report back how spending shifted, and how we were projecting our future.
    Barbara Samuels
    General Manager

    Production Staff

    13P's core staff met every week at 8:30 AM. What roles did the core of the company need to fill? What roles were simply created for each production? Sometimes, a production has unique requirements that make staffing a central concern. Executive Producer Maria Goyanes talks about some of those unique instances for 13P.
    Maria Goyanes, Executive Producer