The Core of the Project

    Identifying and checking in with the core values of the collective was crucial to absolutely everything.


    The simplicity of 13p's mission drove everything about the company: from the name, to the lean and flexible structure, always keeping the work at the core of all efforts. This document outlines the initial commitments the playwright's made upon joining the group. Many of these bullet points dramatically shifted over time. For example, P's did not come to a monthly meeting when the volunteer staff came to be.
    The Initial Membership Agreement

    Nello McDaniel and A.R.T.NY

    In 2008, when 13P was awarded the Nancy Quinn fund through A.R.T.NY, we were given the opportunity to consult with Nello. He helped us examine the company through a new and challenging lense. This relationship shifted the course of the project and undeniably helped us complete our mission. This is our unabridged conversation with him, filmed in November 2012.
    Nello McDaniel and Maria Goyanes, in conversation...
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    Our Core Staff

    Over time, it became clear a staff of volunteers was needed to fill basic institutional roles. In this audio segment, Maria explains how and why we broke down those responsibilities. Additionally, as 13P grew a little older, our Founding P, Rob Handel moved to Pittsburgh to lead the Playwrighting Department at Carnegie Mellon. Upon his departure, Gary Winter (P#3) came to the rescue, becoming Senate Secretary, and documenting our weekly 8:30a meetings.
    Maria Goyanes, Executive Producer
    It should also be noted that while 13P staff members held traditional titles, the group always functioned as a bigger brain. Anyone could toss in an idea on any topic, and the best idea always won out.


    13P was always a finite project: make 13 plays, then end. This unique model is not easy for everyone to grasp! Here, you can peek at some critical thinking upon our Implosion from friends of 13P, as well as our own Maria Goyanes thoughts.